Attention to environmental conditions.

Accidents do not always depend on our physical fitness. Sometimes, environmental conditions also influence.
These are some of the cares to take in various situations.

When we practice a sport on a court, we must avoid playing on wet or slippery surfaces; the surface must be flat.
 Around the pools you should walk instead of running, since the floor is always wet. Many people slip and, when falling, traumatisms occur in different parts of the body.
 If we are going to throw ourselves in the water in an unknown place, we must first find out the depth.
 When running or running, several precautions should be taken:
-be aware of the terrain, since a well or unevenness can cause a twist.
-with respect to the roads, it is not convenient to choose narrow roads or highways, or unknown paths.
-transit in the opposite direction to the traffic routes, and pay attention to the maneuvers that can make the drivers of vehicles.
-Obey traffic signs.
-use bright clothes.
-Go as a group, otherwise, anticipate the need to make a phone call.
 If cycling is done:
-respect always the traffic signals.
-Do not go in the opposite direction.
-use helmet and bright clothes.
-circulate preferably in the areas reserved for cyclists.
-do not zigzag.
Traffic accidents.
In many countries, the main cause of death and disability are accidents involving vehicles. Why do traffic accidents occur? The causes are many and varied:
 Vehicle malfunction.
 The driver’s lack of skill.
 Maneuvers made to avoid ramming an animal or a person.
 Driving under the influence of alcohol or licit drugs (medicines that produce sleep) or illicit drugs.
 Do not respect the signs or speed limits.
Do not use a seatbelt.
 Going long distances without resting.

In any case, if the people driving a vehicle are responsible, the possibility of accidents decreases.