Work accidents

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Many times we hear or read in the press that a worker has fallen from a scaffold, that there has been a collapse of a wall on a construction site or that an explosion has occurred in a factory. These are accidents of great resonance in the media. But there are also accidents that will never reach the media, such as injuries, dislocations and fractures, to mention just a few disorders that can occur in the workplace.

The list of accidents and occupational diseases, of course, is much broader.

Improve security
The prevention of work accidents is directly related to the continuous improvement of safety in companies. This has several aspects.
 Storage of materials.
Suitable space for tasks.
 Clean the place.
 Permanent evaluation of the conditions and production elements to repair and replace what is not in good condition.
Security in the use and maintenance of equipment and tools.
 Due to training in the use of machine tools.
 Provision of security elements, such as a helmet, glasses and gloves, and appropriate clothing.
Instruction in the use of materials and signage of those that can be dangerous, such as chemical products, as well as danger zones.
 Care of the internal and external environment.
 Regular measurements of the level or concentration of polluting materials, such as noise, heat, smoke, gases, vapors, bacteria, chemical products.
 Regular medical recognition of the staff.
Training of first aid personnel.
 Emergency cover.
 First-aid kit complete and accessible to all staff.

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