The sun on the skin.

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The Sun is a source of health. Thanks to him, we fix essential vitamins for the organism. But, when you sunbathe, we must protect ourselves in a way, since exposing several hours to their rays damages the skin, and can even suffer disorders later, such as the appearance of wrinkles, spots, aging of the skin, peeling and tumors cutaneous

Let’s look at the precautions we should take.

 The best times to sunbathe are the morning hours, before 11 o’clock, and in the afternoon, after 16 o’clock, when the radiation is less intense.
 Always use sunscreen, with the factor that corresponds to age, skin color or specific skin problems.
 Wear a hat to protect the head, neck and ears.
 Use a garment during the moments of greatest radiation.
 Do not perform physical exercises of great effort in the sun, because the loss of water and minerals can produce a serious disorder known as “heat stroke”.
 Do not sit still or sleep in the sun.
 Drink plenty of water or juices, so as not to become dehydrated.
 Dark glasses are advisable, but the glasses must be of good quality, because otherwise they can cause worse damages.
 Lose skin and head when hot.
 Avoid spending a lot of time under the reflections of sand, snow and water, which increase the power of radiation.
 When it is a long time since the last exposure to the sun, you should start with 15 minutes, and gradually increase.

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