Go camping.

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It is one of the most pleasant experiences to enjoy the outdoors and it is worth trying, even once in a lifetime. It is the best way to be in contact with nature and develop physical and mental skills that make the person’s well-being.

I blow you have to take into account a series of preventions so that nothing will mess up the stay.
 Gather information about the area, state of the roads, etc.
 The chosen place to camp should be at a safe distance from rivers, lakes and the seashore, due to possible floods and tides. Remember that the mountain rivers can become a torrent when it rains on the peaks. Also note that the trees surrounding the site are not very old or are sick.
 The land where the store is installed must be flat and without stones, which is a perfect rest. Always clean it beforehand, to remove lumps and annoying twigs. In rainy areas, a trench must be dug around the perimeter of the store.
 Install the tent according to the manufacturer’s instructions and fix it properly.
The fire should always be away from the store and trees.
 Wear the right clothes for the climate of the place and always some to change when the one you are not using gets wet.
Do not forget the first aid kit.
 The flashlight and batteries are fundamental elements of the camper.
 Do not drink well water, ditches or pond if unknown fruits or mushrooms.
 When camping with caravan or trailer, it is important that the gas facilities are in perfect condition.

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