Enjoy the water

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Floating, swimming, splashing in the water is extremely rewarding. Water is also therapeutic. Many people, in summer, try to be near a swimming pool, a river or the wonderful sea. What are the precautions that we must observe to enjoy the water without problems?
 If we want to take baths in the sea, it is convenient to observe the flags with the color code, which indicates if the state is good, doubtful or dangerous.
It is preferable that the beach or the pool have lifeguards.
 If you do not know how to swim, do not get away from the coast. Nor be on tiptoe, as the waves can cover the person or it can move towards depression of the ground without realizing it.
 When it is decided to swim, it is best to do it in a group.
 If someone asks for help, you must cooperate so that a lifeguard intervenes or to procure a lifesaver.
Do not bathe in rivers or lakes without knowing their depth and currents.
 Children must be watched over by an adult.
 When a cramp occurs, it is best to float and try to relax, and notify the nearest person.
 Always wear a lifejacket when practicing water sports.

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